About me...

Tomas Leach is an award winning filmmaker from the UK. He studied at Bournemouth Film School and at Fabrica in Italy. 

His films have played in festivals worldwide, won multiple awards and had wide releases in cinemas. 

His first theatrical feature documentary ‘In No Great Hurry’ - about legendary photographer Saul Leiter - featured on best of the year lists and was described as “A beautiful film about a lovely man” by The Times and "Neon Poetry" by The New York Times.

His second feature about Forrest Fenn’s wild treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains was EP'd by Errol Morris and described as "Gorgeous" by Vice and  "A fascinating portrait of their enduring appeal, and this country’s inexhaustible possibilities" by Indiewire.

Tomas is currently prepping his first narrative feature film from his own screenplay, and developing an adaptation of James Sturm’s graphic novel 'Off Season' with support from Cinereach.

contact: tomas@tomasleach.com

Here's me, standing on a beach, pointing.