Universal Parks. The Grow Bolder Series.

Commercials & Content

A series of films about incredible kids and their stories. For Universal Parks. 

For the first ten years of her life, Hannah Jordan lived in hospitals, sleeping over 20 hours a day as she was living with a glucose deficiency disease, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving her dreams.

Three years ago, Charlotte created ‘Stitches by Charlotte’ where hand-sewn-dolls are donated to children needing comfort before facing scary medical procedures --something she knows all too well having experienced multiple procedures to repair a cleft palate early in her life.

Last year, Robbie Bond learned that some of his favorite national parks and monuments were being threatened, so he took a bold stand. At 9 years old, Robbie founded a non-profit called Kids Speak for Parks to inspire others to speak up to save America’s parks and monuments for generations to come. 

Director: Tomas Leach
Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Producer: Clint Caloury
DOP: Adam Uhl
Edit: Lucas Eskin @ Cut & Run
Post: MPC
Music: Animal Music

Agency: David & Goliath